Britney Wants A Divorce !!!

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    New mum Britney Spears is set to divorce wayward husband Kevin Federline after he was busted with three strippers in his Las Vegas hotel room reports NW Magazine.
    Federline left Britney and the kids at home to party the weekend away with pals and random women at Tao nightclub in Las Vegas where his bodyguard reportedly slammed a camera into the face of a photographer who tried to take a snap of the partying Kevin Federline.
    Britney told a pal, "I've had it with him. When I've threatened divorce before, he told me, 'You haven't got the guts.'
    Well, we'll see about that."

    The news might be exactly want Kevin Federline wants, gossips say the aspiring rapper stands to gain a reported $10 million dollars of Britney’s fortune with a divorce.

    A frustrated family friend revealed that the ‘Toxic’ singer had been ready to leave Federline. However, those plans fell apart when she realized that she was pregnant with the couple’s second child, and that if she had walked away, Federline would have gotten 10 million dollars out of her hard earned money.

    "Britney was leaving Kevin but then got pregnant again. He would have gotten $10 million," the New York Post quoted the pal, as saying
  2. Too sad for those children!!!
  3. I'm glad she's getting a divorce. Kevin is a idiot ! no good. She shouldn't never had marry Kevin, what the heck was she thinking about ? really what ?
  4. OMG! She's such white trash! :P
  5. i'll beleive it when i see it. she's lasted this long with his messing around. Silly girl!
  6. i dont wish it happening ... at least for the sake of thei kidz ..

    but i guess everyOne was seeeing it coming eventually..
  7. I think she will eventually but I don't think she will now. Probably just upset over the strippers.
  8. who didnt see this coming...
  9. Oh thank god she finally came to her senses! Those poor children though, I wonder how much the douchebag K-fed will want for spousal support.
  10. She shouldn't worry about losing 10 million bucks. I'm sure he has spent that already....the longer she waits, the more it's going to cost. If she's unhappy, she should end it.
  11. So Sad...Especially For Their Children. I Hope Everyone Is Happy In The End
  12. I wonder if this is true. She needs to get away from him though, he's bad news.
  13. Brit will do fine on her own. Those children will have a much heathier upbringing with out the Fed.
  14. If it were me I'd cut him a check for 10 million and send his a$$ packing.
    I feel bad for her and the kids but it wouldn't be the end of the world.

    The only thing he seems good at is knocking up women,he definitely doesn't earn enough to support a family on his own.
  15. I agree with you! I don't think she will do it now! Anyways I think she should leave him asap!