Britney W.T.H ??

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  1. [​IMG]

  2. X17's dropping another Britney exclusive on you and you've gotta Come To The Source to see it! Just when you thought Britney's night might have been relatively uneventful (for once), we had to come through with these pictures ... Yes, after sedately browsing CDs at a music store in the afternoon, Britney Spears went home and changed into her favorite cut-off skirt and lace top (sans bra) and headed out to Element for a wild night - and we do mean wild! Britney partied so heartily (check out the stains on her skirt from the drink she spilled!) that she had to be guided out by her friends when she left - and they guided her straight into a very familiar house where she partied until 4 in the morning!
  3. Did she pee on herself???
  4. [​IMG]
  5. I think she hangs out with Paris a little too much.
  6. She spilled alcohol on herself ! :
  7. In that one pic she is standing next to a trash can and I am thinking...which one is Britney? I got confused, ya'll! *L*

  8. LOL

    I think Vlad is right, the obligatory "brazilian" shots, the booze, and the trashy way she behaves she needs to find some new friends. :sad:

    Too bad the kid has to live with Kevin Federline if she doesn't shape up.
  9. hmmmm...yuck.

    However, I do like the highlights she added to her hair.
  10. I can tell she is not a happy person. Poor girl.
  11. she seems to be losing it and all her so-called friends are just helping her spiral out of control. She seems to be going out an awful lot for having 2 young kids at home.
  12. yipes she looks totally out of it!
  13. omg the video was nuts!!! the pap folllowed her into the jack in the box drive thru!!!!!!! oh man those flashes would drive me to throw things at them, she seems really calm about it though and its hilarious that the pap actually thank her.
  14. what an unfit mother. those kids should be taken away from her. just imagine how embarassed they will be when theyre older.