Britney visits her attorney

  1. Britney talkes to her attorney about KFed and babies and after goes shopping at Versace
    bb0.JPG bb.JPG bb1.JPG bb2.JPG
  2. There was already a thread on this.:smile:
  3. Anyone else sick of BS besides me?

  4. your not alone, she has lost her mind:wtf:
  5. Nice face on the second picture! :roflmfao:
  6. poor girl - again I say lets pray for her. she needs a divine intervention
  7. you're not alone.....
  8. Don't you think she looks JUST like the new pictures on Allure magazine (I think it was that mag. and the new perfume ad)NOT......
  9. She looks so..:wtf:
  10. yuck as usual.
  11. Poor Brit, she was a role model for every teenager a few years ago, now she's a train wreck.