Britney using her son

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  1. To cover up her belly.
    Seriously, I haven't seen her carrying him in months, then everyone calls her fat and she's got him in front of her belly every damn time she's in front of the cameras during the day.
    :suspiciou Sad.
  2. I don't understand?
    I guess as a Mother of 3 I can't see how going out w/ her son makes her "using him"{?}
    Also, he looks to be VERY young in that photo, she's supporting his head. It doesn't appear to be a very recent pic because of that to me - although I am perfectly willing to be wrong about that!
    I don't consider spending time w/ your child "using him" though.
  3. semi-off topic but she's carrying a Coach. Not very often do you see celebs carrying Coach.
  4. No that's a pic taken yesterday.
    She's using him because these are the first pics taken of her carrying him since he was a newborn.
    She's covering her stomach with him
  5. I'm not sure how else she could carry him. On her hip maybe? Isn't she going up a narrow staircase? Kind of looks like that from the pic.

  6. No offense, but that makes hardly any logical sense. Brit Brit has many flaws, but this one is a bit of a stretch.
  7. calm down hun, i doubt she's put that much thought in to it. she's been hanging out all over the place recently, i doubt she just now decided to get all modest and upset over it. she's carrying her kid in a very motherly way, give her a break.
  8. I dont like britney spears.
  9. i don't like britney either, but i'm not sure if she's "using" him here, IMO.
  10. HA! Too funny cuz that's the first thing I zoomed in on!
  11. I don't think she's using her son to cover her belly. She's been photographed letting it all hang out repeadtly, why start now?
    I think she's just being a Mom.
    As for the purse, someone mentioned that coach is rarely seen with celebs, how come?
    Maybe they don't give them away like other companies?
    I've seen celebs carry unknown, or lesser known designers so it can't be about price.
  12. haha me too!! i looked at the pic and said ooh i see coach.. i am far too preoccupied with handbags! :lol:
  13. i am a mom of 3 and proud of my bulging belly haha :smile:
  14. I'm not a big fan of Britney but how else is she supposed to carry him?
  15. I don't see anything wrong. She just looks like a mother carrying her child.