Britney uses Chanel dress to pick up dog poop...

  1. OMG! How sad!
  2. Uhm ... OK. Does this mean there is someone out there that actually believes that BS still has a career?:confused1:
  3. OMG! Trainwreck...
  4. Haha :roflmfao:. Seriously though, there is something really wrong with her mentally. Besides the obvious cocaine use. She needs to get help. Grandma Spears should step in and protect those kids from their 'mother'!
  5. OMG...she ate fried chicken and then wiped her hands on the Gucci dress she was wearing?! I can only imagine the dress was part of the shoot. Way to wreck a dress that doesn't even belong to you, Brit... Oh wait, she picked up dog poop with a Chanel dress, so way to wreck two dresses... There's another article on Lainey Gossip about this photo shoot. That one makes her sound even nastier and nuttier than this one.
  6. Geez. Oh Britney.. what will she think of next??
  7. ugh.. she's just straight up nasty. i don't think she can ever manage a comeback now.
  8. I guess she hasn't hit bottom yet. I can't help but feel badly for her.
  9. I totally I agree. I feel so bad.
  10. Sigh, it's one thing after another with her.
  11. I feel so bad for her. I would absolutely hate to be in her shoes. Imagine growing into womanhood in the limelight 24/7 knowing that there are many people both young and old who hate you with a passion despite the fact that they 1) do not know you 2) were part of the society that created an object out of an innocent girl then turn their back on her when she falls.

    Like everyone else, I'm curious about celebrities and their lives but at this point, I really wish someone could wisk her away. She doesn't know what she's doing to herself, she's making bad choices but no one is willing to help her stop. They're all just standing around like onlookers. So sad really.
  12. She's really screwed now....sadly...
  13. LMAO.
  14. That poor girl needs help desperately. Let's start with getting rid of all the skanky friends....