Britney tries to get son's teeth whitened!?

  1. It has been claimed by a US Dentist (in US Weekly) that Britney went to him to try and get her eldest son's teeth whitened because they have become damaged by the fizzy drinks and savourty snacks she feeds him to stop him crying.

    This is not going to help the custody case is it?

    Apparently too the divorce is finalised. Reports have suggested tha Kevin is receiving $20,000 a month in spousal support plus $15,000 a month in child support.

    His lawyer has said that Kevin plans to stay out of the spotlight when he has his sons. "When thy are with him, he is going to shield them from unwanted media attention. You will not find a picture of Kevin parading with the children out in a public place."

    - I think we'll wait and see!!!!

  2. I don't know if I believe that about the dentist it seems so awful to be true
  3. This would not surprise me!
  4. I find it incredibly hard to believe that Britney has become such a horrible mother. I truly do believe, whether this story is true or not, that she's gone a little (a lot) over the deep end.
    I know there was that story in one of the magazines that his teeth were brownish - and they showed a picture - and that's the same story that talked about soda in a bottle.
    I think maybe this is just the next step, for the media's sake...I'm not sure. I just hope that those kids don't fall into her hands and Kevin does take them to a better place. I really feel like watching her is like watching a train wreck. Doesn't she know when it's enough? Go back home to wherever, and forget about the career for now. She's got enough money to just settle down and live a regular life with her kids - but she's so addicted to the attention now - bad or good - that she just can't seem to stay away. The pole dancing pictures were the worst. I'm sure she'd say she was exercising....
  5. It's true,and it just proves she has a serious problem.No dentist in his right mind would put a child through this to whiten baby teeth:rolleyes:.If she ever finds one low enough to do so,I hope they charge them both with child abuse.
  6. sicko....get help pleez!!!!!
  7. Britney was a child star. She lives in Hollywood. It isn't hard for me to imagine her asking a dentist about whiteing her kids teeth.

    I am suprised the dentist went to a magazine. Isn't there a) something about patient/doctor confidentiality and B) doesn't he think he is going to lose bigger name clients who don't want the tabloids knowing their business?
  8. Don't believe it...
  9. I hope its all false.
  10. I don't believe it either.
  11. i don't believe it. they share the kids 50/50, if his teeth really are as bad as in the pic, then they both would have to be feeding him junk. also he is so young, no way his teeth could be as they should in the pic. I am sure its photo shopped.
  12. How about not giving your kids access to fizzy drinks! Lazy mother.
  13. can someone post the pic??
  14. My article in Grazia says "according to US Weekly, the Hollywood Dentist she approached to do the procedure refused on the spot - to I suppose as far as the comment about Doctor/patient confidentiality, technically if he refused to do the treatment - they are not actually patients of his.

    I'm not sure that I 100% believe it either but put it this way - after what she HAS done - it wouldn't suprise me!
  15. eww...wouldnt suprise me