Britney, The Girl With The Yellow Hat

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  1. oops I ment hilarious quick typing:Push:
  2. [​IMG][​IMG]
  3. she looks like a total wreck.
  4. I agree!!! It's sad, she only looked good for like a day (on David Letterman) and now she's back to being trashy. She look so much better w/out the extensions and why is it she never wears a bra????
  5. As much as I dislike KFed, all of these pictures are kind of proof that he didn't ruin Brit, she trainwrecked herself. He just happened to be along for the ride.
  6. Heres the dress to match the hat.:confused1:


    Britney Spears went for a midnight drive with a friend on California's Pacific Coast Highway last night, and as usual, trouble followed her wherever she went.

    Britney left the house that she has been staying at in Malibu and drove down the coast stopping off at a gas station where she struggled to figure out how to fuel her car. Luckily there were some helpful photographers there to show her where to put the gas in.

    Spears then drove around like she was lost for a while ending up at a hotel. When she arrived at the hotel she stepped out of the car, revealing that she was not wearing any underwear. (Surprise, surprise!) She then went to the front desk of the hotel as if she was checking in, but a little while later she and her emerged from the back of the hotel and drove home.

    The pop princess had alcohol on her breath and she was driving like she might of had one too many drinks
  7. Meanwhile

    Paris Speaks About Britney: "I Love Her"


    Paris Hilton and Britney Spears went from near strangers to inseparable over the week of Thanksgiving, when they spent almost every day together.

    “I love her,” Hilton gushed to Us while shopping in Malibu, California, November 27. “She is the sweetest girl I know. She’s so down-to-earth. I just want her to smile and be happy.”
    And Hilton, 25, is doing her best to make that happen, taking Spears, 24, shopping and agreeing to give her a complete makeover.
    In fact, as the pair party all over L.A. (they’ve hit Hyde, Les Deux, and Teddy’s) they have been locking themselves in bathrooms all over town to make sure that they’re camera ready.
    After a meal at the Venetian’s Tao Asian Bistro in Las Vegas, Spears and Hilton retreated to the ladies’ room, where they locked themselves in a bathroom stall to primp for 20 minutes (In the process, Spears lost her black tie).
    Spears may be a single woman now, but be careful about dissing Kevin Federline in her presence. She may have smiled at the American Music Awards, but she was furious about host Jimmy Kimmel’s skit featuring a Federline impersonator.
    First, when an announcer joked that Federline was there, “she freaked out,” a Spears pal says. “But when she found out it was a joke on him, she was really upset. He’s a d-ck, but he is the father of her kids.”
    Another backstage source says Spears was convinced it was really her ex in the skit: “She kept insisting it was him and that she knew what he looked like.”

  8. Well I'm just waiting for the headlines to read that Brits new best friend Paris has hooked up With K-Fed!!!:whistle: :greengrin: :lol: ( I see it coming)
  9. ^^Yeah, let's all trust Paris Hilton to give you a decent makeover...
  10. E! tonight did not mention Lindsay's name, but seems to be all about Britney having apparently ceased, at least for the moment, to go out with Paris every night, even going so far as to cancel some planned appearance or other with her.

    My speculation is that some of Britney's "people" will have pointed out to her that while her job may not exactly be mopping out the stalls at Wal-Mart, unlike Paris, she does actually have to work for her money, as unlike Paris, she does not have a big ol' inheritance waiting for her even if she chooses to spend her days amusing herself with the vulnerabilities of other girls her age, who, believe it or not, are actually "less fortunate," at least relatively speaking.
  11. I like the
  12. She was lactating in that pic and needed to breastfeed..eekk!! Where's that bra and lactating pads???