Britney, The Girl With The Yellow Hat

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    CLICK HERE (optional, because the hat is enough :p )to check out the pandemonium that arose when Britney Spears decided to stop by Hyde nightclub in Hollywood last night. True madness, y'all!
  2. What's up with the drool down her shirt?
  3. ^Maybe she brought her baby! :roflmfao:
  4. i like her glasses
  5. It is spelled B R A, Britney!!
  6. Is she trying to pass herself off as a hippie boho poetry-slamming intellectual type or something? Cuz she ain't foolin' anyone!!
  7. I know she wants to "sow her oats" now that she is getting divorced but what's with the nonstop clubbing, boobs hanging out & no underwear stuff?! I guess her "cleaned up image" is over...that lasted about a week. She has 2 babies at home. I'm all for fun but enough already. Go have a movie night with your family!
  8. haha exactly my thoughts! The girl really doesn't know colour combo's either...nor bra wearing, I mean, this is what happens when she dresses herself. :lol:
  9. She is a mess! Come on Brit clean yourself up!!
  10. Is it just me or have her boobs been looking pretty lopsided lately? I think I remember seeing another recent photo where I thought the same thing. It's normal to be lopsided and it becomes more prominent when you're breast-feeding....but somehow I doubt she's breastfeeding since she's always out partying and messing around.

    A bra would be the obvious answer, but like many obvious things (KFed = loser, bare feet + gas station bathrooms = gross), it seems to have gone totally over her head. Oh, Britney. You are a mess.
  11. yuck and she needs a bra double yuck!
  12. Hey guys, let's look at the bright side, at least she's wearing pants!

    (It's sad that wearing pants is the bright side) :wtf:
  13. What a mess, and braless again :sad:
  14. [[​IMG][​IMG]

    Make way for the soon-to-be birthday girl! Britney Spears, wearing a "Miss December" necklace (she turns 25 on Dec. 2nd),

    Don't forget to mark your calendar's :confused1:
  15. :roflmfao: quite jilarious bag snob