Britney, Taking Legal Action Against Her Mother

  1. I heard about this and it's really hard to believe.
  2. I've had enough of her...wish she could just go away...for GOOD=_=
  3. Typical.
    Taking legal action against a family member is to celebrities what eating is like to us.
  4. Yeah its a big step but if my mom sided w/ my ex I might do it too!
  5. :sad:She needs to be taking legal action against her stylist and whoever supplies her drugs. She is a hot mess! I never thought she could sing but she used to be cute back in the day. Sad
  6. Pretty boring is a good title!
  7. tough love. . . if my DD was cleary in destruction mode and possibly taking my grandbabies w/ her, I'd be pushing her into rehab as well.
    So her ex just happened to agree?
    Big whoop!
    She should be thanking her lucky stars she's not in the same legal boat as Paris, Lindsay and Nicole and she very well might be if some people hadn't taken some action.
  8. She has issues...
  9. I think I would feel the same way if I were Britney. It's easy to judge from the outside, but can you imagine how you would feel if your own mother was siding with your exhusband, who you obviously were not happy with?

    Never liked Mamma Spears anyway - she reminded me a lot of Papa Joe Simpson
  10. ^^ I agree.
  11. ^ :tup::yes:. couldn't have said it better - hopefully she is taking LIndsday, paris and co with her.
  12. Britney is so lucky to have a mother who cares about her so much. This was a woman who left her family (including her other children when they were under 12 at the time) behind so as to help Britney achieve her dreams. I say this because my parents would never have supported me if I had wanted to be a singer (they believe in education, education, education).

    I would have thought that being a mother she would understand where her own mother was coming from. I mean how can a mother see their child going of the rails and not do anything to help? If Paris' mother had been tougher maybe she wouldn't be in jail now.
  13. Actually I agree!

    She had too much too young and its sent up potty!
  14. What were her mother's intentions though?? Do you really believe that she just wanted her daughter to succeed and that's that? No no - I think she's one of those typical show-biz moms who expect to also get a little bit of the fortune that their children are earning.