Britney Spears...

  1. Hmmmm...
    brit_hair_salon6_medium.jpg brit_hair_salon5_medium.jpg
  2. The life...
  3. how can someone be so weird?
  4. lol...very attractive ...
  5. I don't think it's her.
  6. Me neither.
  7. Really? I thought the second pic looked just like her. She has that goofy, unattractive smile.
  8. lol She always makes that face. Shes so goofy, and a lot of the time its just childish almost to the point where its rude. Is that back when she was still pregnant? I see a bulge there.
  9. It just doesn't look like her to me.
  10. It's her!
  11. haha...multitasking lol
  12. Isn't she pregnant again?
  13. I think she's pregnant again. I can see she develops double chin
  14. I thought she came out and said that she's not pregnant.. just fat ? :lol: