Britney Spears toting the Bay bag

  1. That's the orange I covet! Divorce, rehab, public head-shaving incident, but she's got a BAY.

    The girl is alright. :p
  2. I hope she is feeling better! Nice bag!
  3. The bag looks good. That's all I'm saying now. Ever since that car photo catastrophe.....
  4. Yes I would like to comment on the bag only too - nice!
  5. I love this bag. It looks great in this color.
  6. well, if ever there was a girl that needed cheering up......

    hope its working its chloe magic on her
  7. This bag is growing on me! It's looks it patent?
  8. You know, someone just posted another photo of Britney and her Bay on the "celebrities.." thread and it does look patent. Can that be? I've seen the orange several times IRL and hers looks shinier and a bit darker....:shrugs:
  9. that bag is definitely growing on me..and that's a nice color she's got!
  10. hope she's doing better! she looks cute, I think
  11. I actually do not like Bay in this color.
  12. this bag is actually growing on me too. i actually like it in the brown better. hmmmmmmm.
  13. Ah, but is it a real Chloe...this time...? :whistle: