Britney Spears toting a Croc Kelly!

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Bolduc Ribbon Girl
Apr 30, 2007
^ Why would Britney Spears NEED to carry a fake H bag when she can afford the real thing? I'm ashamed to say that I liked it upon first glance. You ladies are great at spotting fakes.

Accessory Obsessory

Mar 9, 2006
She probably carries fakes becasue no SA would serve her...can you imagine that scenario?

It's tough enough for regular people with some of the SAs I've heard described on this forum, but who would want to face that and label it undeserving?? Well, she hasn't listened to aybody else who tried to help her, maybe one of them would be able to make inroads.:P

And get some new boots!:Push:

The only thing she hasn't done wrong is call Michael Jackson and ask him to babysit!:sick:


Sep 26, 2006
I love Britney :blah:
don't be so mean guys
she can afford and get ANY bag ever made, and besides that britney made history in the music, no matter how she looks now


Nov 24, 2005
Rhode Island, USA
Poor girl. She's a hot mess. I'm not an expert by any means with Hermes, but I think it looks like a sack of good ole pleather in the shape of a Kelly.


FYI I am a guy
Apr 20, 2006
Question 1: Is this the same H bag she was carrying when she dinged the car, and she yuk :Push:squatted to check the damage?

Question 2: Why not buy a real H bag? She can afford it, and it's easy online.:confused1:
Because then the company would have her CC number, and that open for all kinds of things to go wrong. Alot of celebs get their stylists to buy their clothes online for that reason. Since she clearly doesn't have a stylist, she could have got a trusted friend though they seem very few in her life right now. I pity her, i hope she can get better soon, she was a music great and i want her to return to that. But her health is more important.
Mar 19, 2007
LaLa Land
I guess when you make so much money at such a young age (before a personality is matured and developed and with so many bad influences out there), it's easy to see why she turned out the way she did. I'm even more sorry that her mother or anyone in her family hasn't set any good examples for her. One thing I'm sure is that no one around her really loves her, and that's really, really sad.

BTW, some members mentioned her kelly is fake, how do you know? What details? I'm still a novice to Hermes. Please advise.


Feb 23, 2007
Is the bag real or fake? That is beside the point.

Is Britney's life relevant here. Also, beside the point.

Everytime I see a badly dressed woman with a beautiful bag, I cannot but wonder if we women nowadays think we will look instantly stylish with a Birkin croc. I am sorry but a bag can only do so much. We still need to style our hair, choose our outfit and THEN... carry that beautiful bag to complete the look. How often I think, looking at stars "love the bag, shame about the rest ...:sad:


Extreme Hermès!
Aug 28, 2007
Orange World
I believe when one does something out of the norm, one has to prepared to be critized by the public. This is the rule of the game.

Britney was such a nice-looking girl (when she released her first album) and it is sad to see her in such a mess now. She is a mother of 2 kids but yet her behaviour seems to be on the wild side.

People change. Whether it is a change to a better or worse, it's another story.