Britney Spears toting a Croc Kelly!

  1. LOL! Imagine that, huh? I gotta say that I find Britney a bit amusing though. This girl can't dress if her life depended on it. :hysteric: At least her hair looks a tad better? Anyway, I bet you she treats her exquisite bag exactly how she treats her poor babies. Let's call HPS (Handbag Protective Services) on her a**, PRONTO! Honestly, she cheapens the bag (and the value) if you ask me. Even if she's capable of buying a 1000 or literally more, it doesn't suit her. :tdown:


  2. :tdown:I saw that and was horrified!
  3. I like the Croc Kelly. ;)
  4. Setting aside general Britney issues, I don't think her croc Kelly goes with her outfit.
  5. double posting, sorry!
  6. Wonder if it's real? She's carried lots of fakes.
  7. ^^Oh my, what's up with that video?
  8. ^^ my teen showed it to me, it's this guy who is now so famous for this video that he is getting his own show!
  9. Speaking of which, is that the same croc Kelly she was carrying when she wore the blue (or purple, not sure) evening dress? I think a member posted a pic of her on Star & Hermes thread a while back.
  10. ^^ I think so and I remember that authenticity was questioned.
  11. Wow, this is another quirky way to fame. Reminds me of William Hung from the American Idol show.
  12. You are right. Something doesn't seem correct with that croc Kelly. Can't figure out if it is the handles or the body of the bag?
  13. I thought it was the handle, something's not size proportionate.
  14. Britney Spears manages to desecrates any reputable designer when she wears 'em.