Britney Spears to open 2007 VMA's

  1. It's finally been confirmed by MTV that she will indeed open for the VMA's this year:wtf:.... I'm a bit nervous for her and I have to admit I'm a little excited as well:yahoo:. I just hope she can actually pull this off because that will give me hope that she can actually make a comeback.:tup:

    Here is the link
  2. I will admit I am excited as well! I really want her to do well.
  3. :rolleyes:
  4. wow great!!!!!
  5. Interesting!
  6. She's also been notorious for backing out of things lately, so I'll wait to see if she actually pulls herself together to show up for it.
  7. I'm keeping my fingers crossed....
    BTW...I remember in another thread someone was saying that she will most likely breakdown on stage, cry, look lost and then pat her dog....its mean..but i thought that was funny.
  8. :shrugs:
  9. She'll be fine. She'll lip-synch, gyrate and lots of people will say, wow! She'll make a comeback, if not now then later on.
  10. I am so sick of her! I really think that she is a has-been and should just quit trying to make a comeback, I doubt that she will be successful because she has lost her audience. The tween market is no longer interested because she has turned too bad girl and the adult market has had enough of her silly antics. JMO.
    She still makes $700K/month supposedly (based on E!) from royalties, fragrance sales, etc so why not just live quietly with what you have. I think that all her attempts at a comeback will just add to her long list of embarrassing moments.
  11. I'll bet she lip synchs. Her new song sucks. I wonder what Cris Angel will do with the show. They said that's why he's been hanging out with her.
  12. yup surprise!!!
  13. I really can't wait to see it. I bet it will be a huge disaster, although I wish her all the best.
  14. :roflmfao:HAHAHAHAH.
    I foresee a huge disaster. Maybe her wig will fall off?
  15. My opinion of Britney is tht she shoud move to an island an go away before she really embarrasses herself. That said, I will watch her performance to see how she does. She is just there for ratings and publicity, and she will bring them- whether she does great, or crashes and burns.