Britney Spears Sues Us Weekly

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  1. From

    Britney Spears is suing America's Us Weekly magazine for printing what she says is an "outrageous fabrication" and claiming a sex tape featuring the singer and her husband exists. In a $10 million lawsuit, obtained by website, Spears claims an article which ran in an October issue of the magazine featured details of a supposed meeting with her. She maintains the meeting never took place and the article headline "Brit & Kev: Secret Sex Tape?" was misleading. Spears' lawyer, Marty Singer, blasted Us Weekly for "maliciously standing by the bogus story."

    It's about time someone sued US Weekly - it's become such a hideous tabloid with Jessica Simpson and Angelina Jolie on every single cover.
  2. Wow... although I never quite get why someone like Brit would do that. She just seems like nothing she does is all that classy...
  3. damn, does everyone have a sex tape? :lol:
  4. All the people who I have no interest in seeing in a sex tape have sex tapes. And all the people I want to see in a sex tape aren't that stupid.
  5. i guess she really needs the money if she's sueing for 20 mil.
  6. she won't win, she'd have to prove that the story somehow hurt her career and i'd venture to guess that most people hadn't even heard it.
  7. So funny!! It's doubtful that's she'd win, looks like some sort of invasion of privacy based claim, go figure, as she sells pics of her kid and a smut of a reality show. I think you're right JJ, Brit's going broke.
  8. I agree! Suddenly she gets upset about her reputation because of a tape but dosn't have a probelm with pimping out her kid.
  9. OMG, you guys are so right!!!! Since when did she care about what people said about her or how she was portrayed to the public. She must be going broke....especially the way she lets that loser husband of hers spend all the cash. I hate to say it but she deserves what she gets. She's got so many people watching over her fortune and I'm sure they advise her better than that....she just chooses not to listen. If she stays with him, she'll definitely keep going downhill. That's a shame.
  10. She's lost it... it as in her money, her mind, her self esteem, her figure, her career. The girl has stooped to a new low.
  11. Get a life Brit, your life is just so terrible, BOO HOO!
  12. i think she's just desperate for the money as kfed is obviously spending it alot faster than she can earn it back
  13. I heard that she even gave him a black AMEX, what the hell is she thinking???