Britney Spears - Q (November 2006): How trashy?

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    How trashy do you think this photoshoot is on a scale from 1-10, with 10 being trashiest?

    The middle-finger one makes me want to vote 10, but the B&W is okay so I will vote 9.
  2. Definately a 10!!!! I have no problem w/ a pregnant woman showing her body in a beautiful, sensual, motherly, tastful way, but Brit is soooo far from that, especially w/ the lollipop. :sick: :sick:

    Good lord, Brit, grow up!!
  3. 10!!!!!
  4. 10.
  5. Ha ha ha...more like 20! The whole thing is just gross.
  6. 10++++++

    Her kids will be so proud of mommy. WTH is she thinking?
  7. 15!!!!
  8. She is sooooo airbrushed!! Its not even funny.
  9. EWW? i LOVE the last picture though..the B&W is gorg!
  10. 10!
  11. Definitely 10++++ :yucky:
  12. If it was anyone else 10, but for her like a 2...
  13. 9 1/2.
  14. 10

    her career is over, every photoshoot she does now is a joke.
  15. 10, that is embarrassing for her unborn baby!!!! I am as prego as her right now, I can't imagine!