Britney Spears outfit? What was she thinking?

Staci B

Let's get fired up
Sep 27, 2006
I don't get why she would tie it like that.

Also this whole business with her going out partying every night. I mean what is wrong with her. She is about to get a divorce and yet she goes out every night partying. She is giving KF more ammunition to use against her for the custody battle.

She is so silly it's unbelievable. Ok I get it. She is a young mum. But doesn't it make sense to wait until after the divorce. And does she have to go out every single night? Jeez:cursing:


Sep 6, 2006
I am just wondering did see put on the dress and go oh this doesn't show enough skin so I am going to tie a knot in it up to my coochie, I mean everyone has seen it anyway!?! And then I am going to put on boots that are obviously better with jeans and everyone is going to love me!?!

I mean really, I would love to have been in her head when she did this??
Aug 14, 2006
At least her boobs are kindof covered (they don't look as inflated here as her other pics). And her crotch is definitely covered here, thanks for sparing us Brit. Now it's time to show us her thighs??

She definitely looks better after she had that ugly mole removed (K-whatshisface).