Britney Spears' other son..Jayden James

  1. He does look like sean, he's hecka cute.
  2. So cute!
  3. she may be a nutjob, but she sure has some cutiepie boys!
  4. He is cute. He hasn't been seen nearly as much as Sean Preston.
  5. What a sweetie!
  6. I guess that puts an end to the Perez Hilton conspiracy theory!
  7. he's so cute!!!
  8. He's cute. Just like his brother.
  9. aw..pair of heartbreakers.
  10. Cute!
  11. Adorable!
  12. I've always thought Sean Preston is a cutie, and little JJ looks just like him!
  13. aw they do look alike! She has the most beautiful sons! awwww :heart:
  14. Gosh he does look like his brother! soo cute!