Britney Spears' MTV Surprise?

  1. Is Britney Spears going to open the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards?
    Just three months after her disastrous return to the stage with her pseudogroup, the M&M’s, I’m hearing that MTV has lined up Spears for the opening of its annual awards show on Sept. 9 in Las Vegas.
    “I cannot confirm or deny it,” a rep for MTV just told me.
    As we all know by now, Spears is not a sure thing when it comes to recent commitments. In the last few weeks, she walked out on at least three gigs, including photo shoots for OK! and Allure magazines and another for her new fragrance’s ad campaign.
    This wouldn’t be Spears’s first headline-making appearance in the opening of the VMAs. Four years ago, Madonna kissed Spears and Christina Aguilera after the two young pop stars—dressed as brides—performed the Material Girl’s classic, ”Like a Virgin.”

  2. no way ! MTV would not take a chance on her. Would they? It's not like taking a chance on the Britney kissing Madonna thing - this is like taking a chance that she would show up wearing some wripped up crap with a wig from Sally Beauty Supply. She'd be clutching her dog on stage, mess up her lip synching, get upset, cry :crybaby:, space out, and totally leave the audience in shock and awe (and not the good kind). :wtf:

    But hey maybe this is what Mtv's hoping for. It'd get alot of press.
  3. I dont think MTV would risk depending on her, she might make an appearance but I doubt she will be the opening act.
  4. You never know.
  5. i miss the old britney!
  6. I don't MTV would risk depending on her either, but its a great way to garner up publicity for the show!
  7. yikes!! sorry to sound negative but with Brit's antics these days....MTV shouldn't even risk it.:nogood:
  8. I would TOTALLY watch that!!
  9. me too! Just to see the chaos that is Britney. I wonder if MTV will actually chance it though.

  10. I think they would do it for the publicity.
  11. Confirmed! - Britney To Perform At The VMA'S!!!

    "x17 can confirm that Britney Spears WILL perform at the Video Music Awards in Las Vegas on September 9 with Criss Angel as her partner in the gig! An x17 source told us Brit and Criss were meeting last night to work on their performance and to start going over the choreography plan with the dancers."


  12. I just want to go up ans shake her and shout WAKE UP
  13. This will be interesting.. wonder if her new manager had anything to do with this.
  14. "Don't Do It Britney" Says Timbaland
    Beatmaster of the year Timbaland thinks it would be a big nuisance if Britney Spears performs at the MTV Video Music Awards next month, as has been rumored.
    The rapper/producer is the “Music Director” of the VMAs and he says that he’s not heard of Britney making an appearance on the big show. Plus, he thinks that would be a bad idea!
    “I’m the maestro,” he told Access Hollywood. “If I don’t know nothing about it…could be, hope not. I don’t know, I don’t know nothing about it. Wooh, that would be a headache.”


  15. *Sigh*