Britney Spear's MJ purse - supposedly!

  1. i ran across that when i did a MJ search on eBay a few days ago so i put it on my watch list. I just checked my eBay and saw what the price had jumped in a few hours!! that is crazy to me...i guess you can never know if those type of things are true...even though she has some kind of link to 'prove' it
  2. That looks like the Karolina in coral. I almost bought this in cherry blossom, but like the easy access of pushlocks vs. the agony of opening up the buckles.
  3. OK, I'm confused. The bag was originally auctioned off for charity. So does that mean this the seller of this bag was the winner of that charity auction and is now trying to resell the bag?! :confused1:
  4. ^ im thinking so... :shrugs:
  5. With the link it gives, the purse originally went for around $810. That means the price has almost doubled already! So this new seller is not selling it for charity, right? Hmmm...
  6. ^^ ROFL, wow.. if that's true, some people have no soul.

    I don't like how that tmz website was dissing MJ just cause Britney ruined it a bit.

  7. This is the third time this bag has been listed on eBay. The very first time was for charity, but I believe the subsequent listings have been for money. I doubt this seller is selling it for charity!

    And in the original listing, the bag was listed as owned by britney's sister, not her. Somewhere the story got changed to the bag belonging to britney.
  8. What a fun little for a cause? i LOVE it!
  9. ^ Actually the bag was originally auctioned for a cause, now it's being auctioned for profit.
  10. HORRIBLE!!!! Sorry I must've not read the posts carefully. :yucky:
  11. I think it went for $1700ish the first time the auction ended; and went for substantially less the second time? I doubt that this time the buyer will pay either - items like those seem kind of prone to nonpaying bidders, no? :rolleyes: