Britney Spears: Leaving Koi Lastnight!

  1. This was taken last night after Britney, Nick & R.J left Koi. Britney shows the paparazzi some love(!)
  2. Ah, the Brit we know and, well, love?? Naw....just the Brit we know!
  3. That's how I always wave goodbye.
    Don't you?
  4. [​IMG]
  5. Egad...and watch those panty lines, oy! Guess she's still getting used to wearing underwear!! OK I'll stop.
  6. She's a royal mess!
  7. Ugh those pictures are horrible. There's no excuse.
  8. WHOA!!! Those extensions look horrible!
  9. OMG she looks like such a mess. I feel awful for her children when they get older and see all these pics of their mom.
  10. She's gross.
  11. She's a wreck. Why won't she get help!?
  12. She def needs to stay out of the sun and tanning beds! Did you see how age-spotted her chest was? Gross.
  13. Wow. That's all I can say. :push:
  14. still a mess...still needs a this girl already.. * shakes head*
  15. She needs to go home to her kids!