Britney Spears @ LAX Nightclub

  1. Britney Spears arrives at the grand opening of the LAX Nightclub at the Luxor Resort & Casino early Saturday morning in Las Vegas, Nevada.
    Brit was reportedly paid $100K for the appearance, and scheduled to walk the carpet at about 10PM. At about 10:15, notice came out that Britney had not yet boarded the plane in Los Angeles to fly to Las Vegas, about a 45 minute flight.
    At 12:10 a.m. Britney arrived at the carpet, more than two hours late. With about a hundred press waiting for interviews and photos, Brit decided not to do any interviews and blew past everyone.
    The owner of LAX, Steve Davidovich, president of Pure Management Group, literally jumped into her path as she arrived in front of the photographers.
    Steve stopped Britney and had her pose for the cameras. After posing on the carpet (about 15 seconds later), Britney decided to exit the carpet without looking back. She was quickly surrounded by security and escorted into the club, where she reportedly danced to her new single “Gimme More” (download mp3) off her upcoming album, due out Nov. 13.
    She traveled by private jet and was back in Los Angeles at 1:30AM via Van Nuys airport. Brit’s back, ya’ll!!!
    britney-spears-lax-nightclub-01.jpg britney-spears-lax-nightclub-02.jpg britney-spears-lax-nightclub-03.jpg britney-spears-lax-nightclub-04.jpg britney-spears-lax-nightclub-05.jpg
  2. A few more pics.
    britney-spears-lax-nightclub-06.jpg britney-spears-lax-nightclub-07.jpg britney-spears-lax-nightclub-09.jpg britney-spears-lax-nightclub-13.jpg britney-spears-lax-nightclub-17.jpg
  3. She looks good!
  4. She looks like La Bamba from Late night with Conan O'Brien
  5. I really like her dress. OMG her booty is covered!
  6. Um she looks like a drag queen. Great.
  7. she doesnt look great, but a lot better than usual
  8. i agree!
  9. Is she doing her own makeup still?
  10. After the TMI pic with her bum hanging out I was almost afraid to look here. Let's pray she's wearing underwear.
  11. That sounds like she is awful to work with. That is REALLY sad.
  12. At least we cant see her private parts.....thats a refreshing change.
  13. The dress is cute, but the hat looks ridiculous. Also, she should wear a longer skirt. She keeps wearing these short skirts and dresses where the hemline falls at the fattest part of her thigh. It makes her legs look fat. Her hemline should be adjusted to fall at the thinnest part of her leg.
  14. Yes, thank goodness for that!!!!
  15. Umm, that was worth $100K???