Britney Spears in short shorts in Miami {6/03/07}

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    Images via Celebrity City
  2. I think she looks alright, but I really do think she needs to change up her handbag already!
  3. I like her friends LV dentelle bag.
  4. I think Britney would look better if her outfit was more balanced with a different top. The shorts are ok, but she needs a longer top or one that isn't so form-fitting.
  5. I think the shorts are cute. But that top needs to go!
  6. She looks okay, but her hair just bothers me. You think she could afford better hair...
  7. I by no means have perfect skin, but her skin might need a little help- it looks a tad blotchy.
  8. she looks ok, glad to see her out during the day.
  9. There are several things I could say about Britney's questionable fashion sense and her decision making, but I can't argue with the fact that she got her amazing after-baby body back. She looks great (not counting the hair, the outfit, and the bag).
  10. She definetely needs a stylist
  11. I definitely agree with her needing a stylist!
  12. Not good choice in colors for her, she looks washed out.
  13. I think she looks ok
  14. One sentence: Stylist needed badly!
  15. Love the friends LV bag. Britney however just looks like a complete mess to me... and, yeah, whats w/ the itty bitty bag lately????? What the H*ll is in there?

    IMHO she's a strange duck!