Britney Spears Goes to Vegas with Brother & Kids

  1. [​IMG]Amid concerns from her family about her recent behavior, Britney Spears is moving on – taking the kids to Las Vegas.

    The pop star, joined by her brother Bryan, flew in a private plane to Sin City on Wednesday afternoon with kids Sean Preston, 22 months, and Jayden James, 10 months.

    No word on what, exactly, Spears plans to do while in town, but sources tell PEOPLE she went to dinner at the Country Club at the Wynn Las Vegas. She also made special arrangements to have her hotel room childproofed for the visit.

    The trip could also pose some problems for any custody battle with ex-husband Kevin Federline: Under California law, neither parent is allowed to take a child out of state without written permission from the other – or by obtaining a court order. According to a source close to Federline, Spears failed to notify her ex or his attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, that she was taking the children to Las Vegas.

    A lawyer for Spears did not respond to calls for comment.
  2. i wish i was britney's handler/stylist. i would never let her leave the house unless she was wearing a shock collar so i could possibly control her dress and behavior.
  3. You know, frankly I wish the courts would take her kids away from her. Any custody arrangement they wind up with couldn't be any worse than the lifestyle they are currently being forced to endure. She makes me sick. She's out of control and yet is not having to suffer any consequences for her behavior. It's just WRONG, IMO.
  4. ITA :tup:
  5. Hmmmm...I'm not entirely sure that K-Fed would be a better single parent than Britney...maybe Brangelina should adopt the kids!!
  6. Now there is an idea!
  7. Oh geez.
  8. ITA
  9. She is a mess. I hope she can get her act together. Maybe if the courts awarded the kids to K-Fed then maybe she would straighten up...... or go crazier.
  10. She needs to do some jail time or something ... it's like she has no regard for the consequences of her actions, especially since her poor kids are the ones who will suffer.
  11. Not surprised on the not washing the hands thing. She is a mess!
  12. Nothing in this post surprises me. Britney is a walking train wreck. I feel horrible for her kids. I just know she only holds her kids when there are photogs around.

    What else did your daughter say about her encounter? ;) Was Britney nice? Did she seem....sane?
  13. Its a shame that she has so much money really because I think it makes her worse. She seems to think that because she was once great (who remembers how good she was and looked when they look at her now? OMG - talk about distant memory!) and has loads of money that she can go around doing whatever she likes and treating people like s**t.

    Once your brain goes - the government should take your money and put it into a trust for the children!

    I agree with the post that says K-Fed wouldn't make a good single parent either - don't you think he would get back with Shar?? This is probably a very old plan of their's to get Brits money. He gets her pregnant then turns her loopy and gets custody of the children and she has to pay for them. He then gets back with Shar and they live happily ever after!!!!
  14. ^^^^ She's a total mess. Someone should take care of her or she'll end up alone: without kids, family and real friends. I totally agree that the fat that she's got money make is even worse.
  15. They should give those kids to K-Fed, he is a better parent and they should be with at least one of their biological parents.

    I don't get why everybody hates him so much, besides being a jerk he seems like a decent father? No?