Britney Spears Drunk Dials Kevin Federline?

  1. Who knew that Kevin Federline would emerge
    as the person that appears the most grounded
    in the whole Britney Spears vs. K-Fed battle?
    The would be rapper and now wannabe actor
    has made all the right moves since the divorce
    and now he may have been so impressive that
    he might just win Britney back.

    According to reports, Britney Spears has been
    making late-night phone calls to K-Fed in hope
    of a reconciliation, so sayeth several of
    Kevin's close peeps. The chatty members of
    the K-Fed posse say that Britney's
    relationship with Isaac Cohen is a ruse to
    make Kevin jealous, according to a report from


    Can this be true? It is being reported in several
    sources but TMZ.Com says not likely. Would
    Britney even ever take Kevin back? The web
    site has a report that cites other sources that
    are willing to anonymously say Britney is so
    over him. They tell us that Brit and the Fed
    have very little contact, and when they do
    communicate, it's about their two kids.

    The web site reports that according to these
    sources, Britney will ante up $25 mil to K-Fed
    to end their marriage are ridiculous. One
    connected source says the $25 million figure
    is grossly inflated, "by 25 times." In other
    words, the bad news is that K-Fed will be a
    millionaire. The good news -- just barely.
  2. hmmm....
  3. [​IMG]

  4. That's sad. How could someone possibly want K-Fed to come back? But then, if you look like this everything is possible.
  5. She is a sad young girl who needs to get her sh*t 2-gether!
  6. I do hope she gets it together...she used to be my idol back when she was still doing "hit me baby one more time"
  7. Yes, it is sad she has sunk so low.
    She was so cute and 'pure' and now she is a wreck. Her poor kids need a Mom who has her life together!!
  8. she has just hit rock bottom. they only place she can go from here is up...well when she wants to. k-fed is looking more classy and putting his acto together for his kids and is surprisingly gaining more of my support as a fan.
  9. I have to admit, lately Fed-Ex has been looking the best he ever has. And... we know that Brit is looking her worst. What if this is all a big publicity stunt to get America on board with Fed-Ex? Here's what I think will go down:

    They will reconcile. Brit will get a stylist that doesn't allow her to disgrace herself. Fed-Ex will continue to keep up the good looks. Then, happily ever after and they will rebuild their careers.

  10. :shocked: she looks rough!
  11. Oh she looks so bad now! I read that he is trying to get custody of the kids because of the way that she is behaving!
  12. Man I wouldn't blame him! Hard to say which one is trashiest now isn't it?:crybaby:
  13. :yes:
  14. People used to wonder whether she would ever take him back. Now are we to wonder if he will ever take HER back? Yikes. I wouldn't take either one of them back!
  15. She looks like a young Stockard Channing having some fun with her costume for a goth theme party.