Britney Spears auctioning used flip flops for charity

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  1. Yikes!!!!!!!!
  2. I thought I would post a couple other gems:

    Jewel-encrusted bra

    Bacher Emben Bag (I'm so jealous)


    Interesting facts:
    - Britney wears (or wore, depending on how pregnancy affected her feet) a size 6 shoe.
    - Most the clothes she is auctioning off are size 2 (although I don't know how she got her possibly augmented chest into that size)
    - She is auctioning many of those ugly hats we've seen photos of her in. I'm talking A LOT of newsboy and bucket hats!

    After looking at all the auction items - I must say there are a lot of high quality brands and great fashions. Why she decided to sell some skanky flip flops is beyond me.
    It's nice that she is cleaning out her closet for a good cause. I hope she raises a lot of money.
  3. Yeah I hope she raises a lot of money as well, but DAMN I'm still trippin on those slippers :sad:
  4. Yeah they are pretty creepy - but maybe they were purposely thrown in so that people would post on the internet how gross they are. And then curious people like me would check the rest of the items to see if they were just as dirty. After looking at the many other listings, that is the only questionable item - the rest are very nice (no dog tiaras, though :sad: ). From a marketing perspective it's pretty smart.
  5. haha yeah IF it were a marketing thing. Thats just pretty gross either way. I wonder what the person buying it is going to do with that lol...frame them???
  6. I get rid of my own shoes when they look like that! No way would I buy somebody else's! lol
  7. Hummm... and if you actually won those, would you wear those dirty things and be proud of it?!
  8. That would be hilarious!
  9. Well, think of all the freaky Britney fans who would love to dive through Brit's garbage - this is a treasure for them!
  10. This is gross! I would never buy something like this, even if it were for a good cause :mad:
  11. Does Brit think we are going to pat her on her back for donating raunchy sandals???
  12. ^^^probably :lol: I bet some sad sap is watching that auction hoping to God that he/she wins.
  13. Some guy with a foot fetish, who is in love with Britney, is gonna lose it over these nasty flops.

    If just 2-3 of those guys exist have access to the internet, the bidding could go sky high.

    The auction has been ended with the message:
    "The seller ended this listing early because the item is no longer available for sale."

    It doesn't take a brilliant PR person to realize selling those shoes is a bad idea. I wish had been keeping better track of it to see how high the bids went.
  14. Yeah, it would have been interesting to see how much desperate people were willing to spend for something like that.