Britney Spears: At Home with Sons

  1. Britney is looking for the right wig in her house in Hollywood with Sean

  2. Good God...she is looking like crap...cigarettes and alcohol with her kids.

  3. Is the photographer taking pics from up in a tree??? She has no privacy.
  4. poooor babies. I wish they had a good mom. :sad:
  5. How can she smoke a cigarette in front of her kids face??!!
  6. I cant beleive she is smoking in front of her kids, it's as if she wants them to be taken from her! I know that smoking in front of your kids wont get them taken away but add that on top of other things is building up a stronger case for K- fed
  7. Why are u so surprised? It's Britney. :cursing: This is really bad!
  8. OMG. She is such sad trash.
  9. I don't understand for the life of me why some parents that smoke choose to do so around there kids? :cursing:
  10. ohh those little boys. they need lots of love
  11. I´m actually still surpised she´s so utterly bad with the kids, she wanted kids for ages and I figured she had that southern hospitalitiy checked.
  12. How dare she smoke right in front of her children. You want to smoke Britney? Fine, but don't make those poor children breathe that s**t into their lungs. She is living proof that just because a woman gives birth, doesn't mean she is a MOTHER. Why did this stupid girl have children??:cursing:
  13. I am just continously surprised at how non-perplexed she seems with the looming custody case! :censor: !!!

    If i was her, and i thought "Oh my god, i really could lose my babies", I'd clean up my act pronto!

    Booze, smokes, partying, breakdowns, family feuds, umbrella-related attacks (?!) and those notorious drug-laced lollipops... what if her sons picked up one of those and thought it was a normal lollipop?! how frightening!

    (Mind you, im not exactly rooting for K-Fed to win custody either... what a tangled web!) :sad:
  14. Sad and pathetic. Neither parent deserves the boys, JMHO.
  15. She makes me so ill....