Britney Spears and Sean Preston at the playground

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  2. Finally, but I get nervous every time Britney has a skirt on maybe she should buy some pants and oh yeh have them shortened.
  3. Those extensions have GOT TO GO!!!
  4. That's nice of Brit....but is she trying to look like Paris Hilton? Whats up with the hair and sunglasses?
  5. Why is the body guard holding her purse ?
  6. omg sean preston is so cute! the extensions need to go yes.. and her bodyguard looks funny with the purse. haha.

    however, brit's outfit is pretty cute!!
  7. Why is she always holding up her skirt...

    Sean is a cutie though
  9. Sean is supercute. It's weird there haven't been any pictures of her and Jaden out and about. You sometimes forget she has a 2nd kid.
  10. Sean Preston is one cute baby! He is too adorable.
  11. she looks crazy to many moms have you seen at the playground dressed like that??
    jeans and sneakers would have looked so much cuter to me
  12. LOL! I thought the same thing!
  13. This does seem nice and all and Britney does look better in this outfit (although her poor hair) but I kind of think that this whole thing seems kind of staged perhaps, her needing some positive exposure and all! I'll believe she has changed when and if she keeps it up!
  14. LOl...she looks so stupid!!!!! Her short hairs are sticking straight up on top of her head, the extensions look like a wig I wore on Halloween, and standing in the sand wearing high heels looks retarted....she's a mess. But then I guess she always is...this is her taste.
  15. oh my god she looks like shes a man in drag...yuck