Britney Shopping @ Barneys, Looking Like That ? + Plastic Surgeon Robert Rey Warns..

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    Britney Spears could barely get any shopping done at Barney's New York without drooling all over herself. Literally.

    Class or trash? Chipped, almost barely-there nail polish, bra hanging out, a small-in-all-the-wrong-places dress

    It's no wonder that Britney's stylist has come forth claiming innocence on Britney's fashion massacre. Britt Bardo, whose celebrity client list includes Kate Hudson and Jennifer Lopez, insists that Brit is responsible for dressing herself these days. “I make her up and she just takes everything off and does her own thing
  2. Maybe he should drop her too?? :shrugs:

    She is welcome to her own style, but you can be laid back and still look very classy!
  3. Oh my...
  4. I am not surprised!!
    I lived in Memphis years ago and shopped at a paticular small boutique style store frequently.
    The SAs loved to tell the story of Brittany coming in around '95. The girls had no idea who she was although they had seen her on TV and in concert! She looked like a teenager who had been at an all-nighter at the bowling alley. They swore her hair was so greasy!!!!
    Brit's mom was there also and had to tell the Mgr. that it was Brittany! Sad.
    I think she only dables in hygeine.
  5. OMG! There are no words to describe this. When I thought that she can't look worse, her clothes can't be smaller, shorter etc., and then I see this. Doesn't she have a mirror or something? Maybe people who tell her she looks great before going out are just hating her? I don't get it.
  6. Why god, why?
  7. Oh lord...trailer trash. :wtf:

    WTH happened to her??? I always thought she was so pretty and with a beautiful body. Now...just very sad.
  8. Just sad and pathetic.

    Who was it here that said Britney has a body double? I think so ,too.
  9. You can take the girl outta the trash but....
  10. :amazed: She needs a new stylist, STAT!
  11. ehh those shoes..:throwup:
  12. her feet gross me out!
  13. Every time I see her in pictrues she is greatly in need of a manicure and/or pedicure. It just not a nice look, I mean she is entitled to dressing down and all but to me most of the time she just looks sloppy and trashy!

    P.S. And her attempt at trying to mimic Paris Hilton's style (with the big white sun glasses, barely there clothing isn't looking good!)
  14. I don't care what anyone says, she is just plain GROSS!!!:throwup::throwup::throwup::yucky::yucky: :yucky:
  15. Ok... It's official that big sunnies DO NOT look good on her.