Britney preg w/ # 3 ?? Hmm..??

  1. I was watching the KTLA morning news here in CA. and they were reporting that Brit is "supposedly" preg w/ # 3....

    Who knows if it's true just thought I'd post...:shrugs:

    Anyone else heard anything?
  2. Say it isn't so!:sad:
  3. I just read something about that. Its probably not true..but imagine if it is!! that would be...crazy.
  4. I heard this yesterday, apparently her girlfriends are saying" she is looking a little puffy in the tummy area, showing tell tale signs of and early pregnancy. she also got pregnant with Jayden four months after giving birth to Sean"

    Well, she just got back from Vegas, I'm sure she is bloated from all that rich food and alcohol.

    Lets hope she has been using protection.:s
  5. I hope NOT!
  6. BRITNEY ---> baby factory :wtf:
  7. OH for the LOVE of GOD...please let it be a rumor
  8. :shocked: :throwup: :wacko:
  9. Hope not, but if by any chance it's true, poor baby...
  10. really? hope this is not true.. :hrmm:
  11. For the love of love lets hope it is not true..that girl is on the fast track to hasbeenville!!!
  12. Omg!
  13. I hope she is not pregnant as well. Not good for someone trying to make a "comeback"..
  14. ^^ Ya, seems like everytime she tries to make a comeback, she gets pregnant. :rolleyes:

    Hopefully it isn't true...
  15. someone needs to sit down with brit and explain to her where babies come from, because apparently she's unaware.

    hope to god this isn't true. i feel bad enough for the two kids she's already got.