Britney Poses Topless

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  1. There are no words...what is she thinking??
    britneyflower.jpg britneyflower1.jpg
  2. :wtf: I dont know whats gotten into her.... I thought she was trying to come back because she did a surprise appearance at a club and totally rocked it.. but, I dont know what this is about..........
  3. I saw these online today too- I feel like they are old pics. Hopefully they are.
  4. I thought they were old too, but then I saw them on several blogs as who knows? Anyway, it's kind of sad...
  5. Lol
  6. Oh my.
  7. A) Why did she do this

    B) Who found these pictures and released them?!?!
  8. I'd like to know how pictures like this get out?
  9. And there is a good reason NOT to do this kind of picture, you never know when/where it's gonna turn up!!!!
  10. ^ I read they were from April Fools Day - how appropriate.
  11. ewww...maybe from her paris hilton BFF days
  12. But without the boots and the fishnet stockings, how can we be sure it is really her? :roflmfao:
  13. ^^lol
  14. Ehh not too bad. Probably not the best decision she has ever made but I can think of MUCH worse photos of her! LOL
  15. Did anyone else notice she had those DAMN BOOTS on again!????