Britney, Pops Out For A Burger & A Little Pole Dancing, Then Throws Up !

  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. That last picture does look like there's a bit of a bump showing?
  3. I think so too, but hopefully she isn't pregnant!

    OT- your kitties look like our kitty Harley! They are soooo cute!:heart:

  4. You should see my reply on the avatar thread ;)
  5. I don't get the throwing up part?

    Also, is that an open pill bottle on the table in the middle pic!??:shocked:
  6. ^^^ Definitely the top of a longneck. :yes:
  7. Well I think it's an opened bottle of beer.

    She really looks pregnant, but I hope she's not. Again she doesn't look good, but a way better than before. I like her jeans though.
  8. How can Britney be pregnant again? Who would the father be??
  9. ew what? she ate lunch at the rippers?
  10. She really is like watching a trainwreck.
  11. She is soooo yucky.
  12. I thought it was the top of a ketchup bottle...:p
  13. Yeah it's a ketchup bottle.
  14. Ya know if she is prego AGAIN she really needs to learn the phrase::feminist: My gosh she is so gross!:yucky:
  15. OMG! is she pregnant again?? :wtf: