Britney Ops For LipoDissolve

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    Saturday, Britney, went to Vegas and stayed just long enough to get some lipo done! But this wasn't some ordinary fat-sucking expedition; apparently Britney was spotted coming out of a clinic offering the (pardon the pun) hip new treatment LipoDissolve, which involves injecting areas where fat has built up with a soybean-derived solution which literally melts the fat right away without the need for surgery!
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  4. I think she looks good here.
  5. She does look a lot better in these pics than she has in recent months. I hope that's an indicator of her health and state of mind getting better.
  6. I hope she's getting better
  7. She looks beautiful and healthy! I pray that she is doing well and continues to do so! Absolutely nothing wrong with Lipo.....
  8. interesting....she is looking better! yay for her
  9. I'm really amazed at how folks like her just go in and sign up. I have never done anything like this, or heard of this particular procedure. I would be extremely careful before I would submit myself to something so "new", no matter how much some people may rave about it. Especially if I earn my meal ticket based in large part on my looks. Look at the previous thread about Jenna Jamison for a good example... Am I being too conservative??
  10. She looks really good here, I hope she is taking care of herself! Yay for Brit!!
  11. I agree. I think she looks really good.:yahoo: :yes:
  12. Aside from the fact that she's not wearing a bra and you can see her breasts, she looks good.:p
  13. Here's the see through pic:

  14. Damn. Where can I sign up for this? How much?
  15. She´s looking better yes. Why does she always drop something on her chest though?