Britney on the AMA's

  1. she looks good!:yahoo:
    normal_britney-ama10.jpg normal_britney-ama14.jpg normal_britney-ama19.jpg
  2. Her hair is looking way too Paris Hilton-ish these days due to those extensions...otherwise she does look good. Amazing how that baby weight came right off....

    Just saw Nicole Ritchie introduce her dad. She looks soooo much healthier!
  3. omg, she doesn't look trailer park anymore! way to go brit!
  4. No more trucker hats - YAY!
  5. She looks great! I love Britney, glad to see she's classin' up again, lol!

  6. exactly but besides that she looks great.
  7. She looks very pretty!
  8. I am happy about her transformation!! Kfed brought out the white trash britney and I am glad he is kicked to the curb!!
  9. Bad hair and dress IMO.
    She sooo needs a stylist and apparently Rachel Zoe needs a new client
  10. very pretty
  11. More importantly, she finally looks happy!
  12. She looks GREAT!! Welcome back ,Brit:P !!
  13. She looks so cute! Finally back to "normal"!
  14. cute! however, i definitely think she was adorable with the bob.
  15. Definite upgrade!