Britney loves the fakes

  1. Eeeeeeeew, I know this is the least of her problems right now but is there EVER an excuse for a FAKE?

    Spears and Ghalib arrived at the Rosarito Beach Hotel around 3 p.m. Wednesday.
    "She was wearing pink hair, denim and black boots," a source tells us.
    Unfitney decided to take in a little shopping soon after her arrival in Baja.
    She bought two (fake) Gucci purses (one orange and the other black) and he bought a religious item called a "rosario" ($60 dlls).
    They stayed in a junior suite ($235 dlls a night) and management sent her a gift bag with Mexican candy.
    Spears and Ghalib checked out that same night - around 9:50 P.M. Wednesday evening.

    Sorry mods--didn't know whether this goes in celebs, in fakes, or in general discussion.
  2. :yucky::yucky::tdown:
  3. ah... this poor girl... she's certainly hit rock bottom now!
  4. The girl needs help, and needs to get it soon otherwise she is going to one day soon wind up dead
  5. :crybaby::crybaby:I hate her a$$...I can't believe it! I can only dream about the beautiful AUTHENTIC purses I would buy if I was her...Why buy fakes when you have that kind of money?
  6. I saw this today too and was sick! :throwup: How ridiculous! Poor girl - she really has NO grasp of reality anymore....
  7. I hope she gets the help she needs soon.
    I feel sorry for her kids.
  8. I really feel bad for her and her kids. The girl needs help...NOW
  9. classic bipolar. she needs help. i really hope she gets it.
  10. maybe she's doing it to get attention? if she had bought an authentic one, she'll be just like other celebs...this way she's being discussed by ppl.

    just a thought:shrugs:
  11. i really hope she pulls through whatever she is going through. She soo desperatly wants K-Fed's attention *YUCK* :throwup: - i just don't understand why her mom doesn't do something!! Buying an authentic gucci would only be like $6.00 in her bank account.. geesh, i just don't understand.
  12. oh, britney.... :sad:
  13. definitely the least of her worries though...
    poor girl..
  14. i feel bad for her. she's going through tough times and is obviously not thinking straight!! she used to be the cutest, sweetest thing ever... I hope she gets well because she's just digging her own hole.. :sad:
  15. And now all the little girls will ESPECIALLY want fake bags.