Britney looks good here.

  1. [​IMG]
    And through the woods she goes! Well, not exactly. Britney Spears, takes the right stylistic path as she leaves the Katana Sushi Bar in West Hollywood on Wednesday.
  2. I swear this girl has a body's just so unbelievable how she can go from looking totally trashy to somewhat together in just a day.
  3. Hahaha you are sooo right!:roflmfao:
  4. ITA! What a difference a day makes! I'm glad to see her looking a LOT better :smile:
  5. It won't last.
  6. LOL! I was thinking the same!
  7. This is an old pic of her ! ( before Vegas )
  8. ^^^That explains it!!!
  9. Man I got my hopes up. What is up with her? Everytime i see an awful pic of her, I feel like I need to pray for her. Maybe she is trying to get into character for a white trash hooker role!?!?
  10. ^^ Lol.
  11. I love her coat! Anyone know who makes it?
  12. she looks great in there... i wish she can always be like this
  13. She does! She should keep it up.
  14. She needs help!! Seriously!!!
  15. She needs more than a nice outfit to clean up her recent publicity stunts.