Britney looking hot again!!

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    Britney's looking great again - look at those abs!

    All she needs is for hair to grow back and she'll be back to her normal self!!
  2. OMG! her bod looks great! (When i get desperate I follow her footsteps on lipodissolve) I can't wait for her hair to grow back! i hope she get into music again and builds her career back (at the same time i hope she takes her role as a mother seriously and does whats best for herself and family)
  3. ^^^^
    i agree! lets keep our fingers crossed!
  4. what is exactly lipodissolve? is it the same thing as liposuction??

    how did she manage to get such a hot bod in such a short time? what did she do? just last week, she still looks rather chubby right? or am i not following her news?
  5. They are injections that melt down the fat. No surgeries no knives... They hurt like hell !

    Looks like Britney is back to the business :jammin:
  6. could it be???? is it an imposter???
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