Britney Leaves Rehab: **UPDATE** Britney Has A New Look

  1. Britney Spears, who entered Promises rehab center in Malibu on February 20, has left the facility after completing her one month treatment.

    Spears "has been released by the Promises Malibu Treatment Center after successfully completing their program," her rep, Larry Rudolph, said in a statement late Tuesday night.

    According to TMZ the stint in rehab helped Britney literally turn her life around. She has worked out a child custody arrangement with estranged husband Kevin Federline that will now become operative.

    Meanwhile, K-Fed, who was set to celebrate his 29th birthday tonight with a party at West Hollywood nightclub Eleven, has canceled the event to focus on his role as father.

    According to earlier reports, Eleven tried to get a weekly magazine to sponsor the event, but there were no takers. Subsequently, other minor sponsors too pulled out.

    A rep for the Fedmeister assured Page Six the cancellation was not prompted by any lack of sponsorship.

    Kevin, who has planned another bash at Pure Nightclub in Las Vegas on Saturday, "decided that one party was enough," said his rep. "Kevin is just focusing on his family right now."[​IMG]
  2. Wonder how long it will take her to hit the clubs?
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  4. I hope she really takes her recovery serious this time....
  5. I'm glad she actually stayed in rehab for the full 30 days this time. I hope she takes her life seriously now.
  6. Good luck to her!
  7. What I heard was she and Kevin will have joint custody of the children and after awhile, Britney will get sole custody back and that Kevin will have visitation rights.

    I hope she's dealt with what she needs to deal with.
  8. Hope she is doing much better now... really wishing her the best.
  9. I really hope so too.:yes:
  10. Call me cynical but does "successfully completing their program" mean the check didn't bounce?? We all read about her incessant cell phone use, online shopping, visiting a cousin to get the clothes she ordered and her bad attitude while there. If that's successful completion, I'm ready for my Ph.D. program at Harvard--it'll be a snap.

    I really do hope she learned how to live a healthier life and will devote herself to being a good mother to her sons.
  11. I wish her the best and hope she learned some useful coping methods to deal with her stress.
  12. Well .....lets hope she can remain on the right track, for her sake as well as her children's.
  13. I hope that her Rehab stay has helped her and I hope that she gets better!!
  14. let's all hope for it!