Britney is beyond repair,, but help ID her bag

  1. We all know Britney is beyond help.. but, what purse is she carrying?
  2. Oh my. :wtf: I'm sorry, what was the question again?
  3. i know.. thats how she went out!! she forgot pants!!.. - What is the bag she has though?
  4. I pray she is wearing panties! Good lord! Why doesn't anyone stop her???

    Oh, I'm sorry, I have no idea about the bag but I am sure someone here will have an answer for you. It's very cute and looks nice and soft!
  5. thanks.. i know its hard to pay attention to the bag. She must know that that is a shirt! she's out of control
  6. omg.... :shocked:
  7. Unsee! Unsee! I'm sorry, I can't help with the bag, but I need to unsee that 2nd pic.
  8. I guess I am getting so used to seeing her look like that I actually was looking at the bag:nuts: Don't know whose it is, but pretty color!
  9. She needs to have someone help her get dressed and make sure before she leaves the house she is covered where she needs to be. OMG!!!!! BTW I do like the bag but I am not sure who mkaes it. Sorry.
  10. OMG! What was she thinking?

    That's a Banana Republic Kempton bag from spring 2006.
  11. Bleh! Vomit! what was the question again??? :wtf:
  12. thank you Zeit!!
  13. Oh God I will be haunted all day by picture #2 seered in my brain unfortunately....

    Don't they have a rescue stylist squad anywhere???

    Oh and I'm sorry I can't ID the bag...oh I now see zeit got it - cool.
  14. Can you imagine the want ad?

    ISO: A responsible fashionista to ensure that Ms Spears leaves the house wearing applicable clothing, including, panties that cover all everything, a non-see through bra, and of course, a top and bottom.