Britney In The Same Tired Boots, But, With A Brand New Do !

  1. [​IMG]
    Changes: new hair and a new outfit for Britney

    Britney shows off a dreadlocked look as she drives youngest son Jayden James around town
  2. Oh LOOK! She's driving without the help of her son! Good girl Britney.:tup: I'm sorry but she looks old.
  3. wow! those boots need to be burned:yucky: I never saw someone with all that money wear those Ugly boots everyday. SINCE MARCH!!!
  4. she should wear her hair diferently... I doubt she will seeing how she always looks the same any ways
    same short dresses...
    same boots...
    same hair band...
  5. LOL...those damn boots! I think the dreads are kind of fun...she just so nasty. I just see dreads more on someone truly Amy Winehouse!!!
  6. She is gross, but Jayden looks so cute in that pic, too bad his mommy is a skank!

  7. :yes::yes::yes:

    It's sad though... :sad:
  8. Am I seeing things, or is that a boob in that dressing room pic?

    Anyway, at least she is making little changes at a time! We can't expect everything to happen all at once, people.
  9. That looks more like Sean Preston to me.
  10. I believe that IS a boob!
  11. Yeah, it is a boob!
  12. ugh...
  13. She has no class.

    I feel sorry for her kids.
  14. The boy looks cute!!
  15. She makes me thankful that I'm not famous.