Britney In Belgium?

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    A local newspaper in Antwerp, Belgium is claiming Britney Spears has been spotted touring the city. I have no idea if this is true but the person that wrote it, certainly is familiar with Britney’s antics.
    My Flemish is a bit rusty (this is Flemish right? or is it Dutch?) but I think the article says that Britney stopped by the Erasmus restaurant to use their bathroom accompanied by three bodyguards and several Mercedes. That’s right, even when Britney is out of the country, she has to make emergency pit stops at public toilets.
    It may not be true but it certainly sounds like Britney.
  2. Britney’s Belgium Bathroom Break


    This is supposedly the bathroom where Britney Spears reportedly made an emergency bathroom stop in Antwerp, Belgium. The staff at the Erasmus was stunned when the former pop star trotted through the front door with her bodyguards. Restaurant owner Luka van der Poel claims Britney didn’t look her best as she sported a wig which was far too big for her.
    What do you guys think?
  3. I think it's incredibly rude to prance in a restaurant and use the bathroom as though it was a public restroom. Go to a gas station!
  4. Runaway Mom

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    Sweet Jesus!
    Even Star magazine is reporting it!!!!
    Britney has left the country!!!!!!!!!

    Holy Shiz, It’s True!!!!

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    We didn’t really believe it earlier when we posted that Britney’s been spotted in Belgium this week.
    But, now, the new issue of OK! magazine has “Britney’s plan to flee the country” on the cover.

    If she has her kids, we hope she got Kevin’s permission to leave the U.S.!!!!
  5. Gees, hope she's not running into portible jons to refuel her nose :wtf::tdown:
  6. She just got lost on her way to the zoo.
  7. Are they serious? She urinates in a different country and this is news? Did she forget to flush? Any pics??? Jeez.
  8. ^^ That is what I was thinking.
    it wasn't Britney Spears who came into the restaurant but it was the daughter of an oilsjeik. (they were visiting antwerp. they are very important people in their country, the bodyguards ensured. but they weren't allowed to tell wich country they came from.)
    but she did look like Britney: she had on: a white wig, a pink ribbon in her hair and a pair of sunglasses.
    she was spotted in a shoppingcentre too: but there people said she looked more like a bad version of paris hilton, wearing a dog in her purse...
    lots of journalists (of the usa, great-brittain, germany, ...) called the restaurant for more info. haha so funny!{D5027B4D-80DE-410E-A97F-BA9C263D3D32}
  10. Exactly! What's the big news? I don't get it. And all those tabloids should really give her a break. I'm definitely not one of her fans, but I feel sorry for her. Every step she takes, every little thing she does is always critisized by the press.
  11. tPF reporters... LIVE and on the scene :tup: We probably do a better job reporting than the media. :p
  12. 1. The first picture of Britney is not that bad compared to others. She looks normal.

    2. There are some weird people in this world. But at least I can now die happy knowing I have seen the toilet that Britney may have sat on.

    3. Has anyone seen the media circus and massive amounts of gossip surrounding her? Hell, I'd want to flee the country as well.
  13. hehe, for the one time a big celebrity is spotted in belgium:p
    and it's not even true:roflmfao::roflmfao:!!
  14. Somebody actually took a photo of the toilet!!!??? :weird: