Britney Hanging Out On A Boat With A FedEx Lookalike !

  1. That's right ! no kids in sight ! :s

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Britney Spears (with yet another nasty dude) catching some rays amid a balmly 65 degree afternoon at the Shutter hotel in Santa Monica, California.

    Am I the only one who only vaguely remembers the fact that Brit is a mother of two?
  2. She is never with her kids!!!!
  3. Why bring the kids when you can hire someone to raise them for you?

    She needs to put on some sunblock, about 1 more year of the tanning and she is going to look like a prune.
  4. Children Protection Services might have a hold on them.
  5. ^Agreed~
  6. She'll never learn!
  7. Ok...i think its official...she is DONE:push:!! Too bad i used to be such a big fan.........
  8. Oh dear... downward spiral she goes...
  9. Obviously she is not getting the right advice, its sad that she is so flippent regarding her responsibilities to her children.
  10. She is soooo nasty. She needs to grow up and act like a mother and an adult!!
  11. Yay.. She should really be with her babies.
  12. :roflmfao:

    i read somewhere the kevin keeps a diary of all of britney's comings and goings so he'll have a better case for custody of the kids which means more $$ for him to party.

    i never thought i'd say it but kevin actually is smarter then britney. he lays low and she just sucks up all the publicity

    i wonder if he's going to keep a scrapbook too.

    and we'll call this exhibit A......
  13. She needs a better taste in men. She should try dating someone with money, maybe he can help clean her up (julia roberts character in pretty women). She needs to save the money she is paying the nannies/babysitters b/c in a couple of years she is going to be broke!!
  14. And she's smoking still. I hope she doesn't smoke around the children when she is with them :sad:
  15. She has wasted all the goodwill people have on her when she left Fed-Ex. Everyone was on her side and cheering her on, now.... :push: