Britney Goes Toy Crazy

  1. Could a mini-Britney be on the way? Pregnant pop-tart Britney Spears looked unusually chipper yesterday afternoon while shopping at "Toy Crazy" located at 23410 Civic Center, Malibu, CA, 90265. She picked up a few baby dolls sparking rumors that a baby girl could be on the way for Brit Brit!

    Black-haired Britney, 24, is a little over a month out from giving birth to her second child with hubby Kevin Federline. Firstborn son Sean Preston Federline is 10 months old. More pictures in the gallery!

    And for all you keen Britney stalkers, did you notice she's wearing the same bikini top underneath her shirt as when she was on the beach with Sean P. back in June? Britney loves her bikinis!
    britney-spears-toy-shopping-15.jpg britney-spears-toy-shopping-21.jpg
  2. You know, maybe she is. . . but maybe not!
    Katie Holmes was spotted buying up blue clothes and the headline on every mag was "TomKat is expecting a boy!!!"
    I think they did to throw the media off. . . maybe Brit is too?

    Hmmm, maybe not, she doesn't seem that smart! LOL!
  3. I think she is so cute! I love how she doesn't care what anyone thinks. Does anyone know what bag she's carrying?? It looks sort of like the lanvin jet set bag, only huge and weirder...
  4. I think she looks trashy. When I get pregnant *please* never let me look like that. :yucky: You would think with all her money she could buy some decent clothes -or atleast some that match. :throwup:
  5. Hmmm this might sound a bit harsh, but Britney is the trashiest looking pregnant woman ever. Normally when woman are pregnant they glow, they look nice, or at least try to dress nice...I'm not sure if the fact that she doesn't give a crap is a good thing.
  6. I agree. She's a TOTALL mess and very slobby looking. Her shirt is dirty. . . she's so unkempt looking IMO.
    Her whole resoning {supposedly} behind dying her hair was to re-vamp her image after she got such negative response from her image in the Matt Lauer interview.

    That lasted, like a whole 2 days! LOL!
  7. Ugh, Brit, a bikini top and a bra are not the same thing. She's such a disaster.
  8. Why is this woman (and I use that term loosely!) still big news? is she even a celebrity anymore? Does she do anything??
  9. I heard she & Kevin are suppose to do a second season of their reality show..chaotic. They are in the process of filming it or something. She used to be soo gorgeous! When is she due?
  10. :yucky:
  11. I think she just needs to step back and recollect herself. She really needs to see how much damage she has done to herself and to her career.
  12. Okay, okay, so maybe I used the term "cute" too loosely. What can I say? I miss the old Britney!
  13. she really needs to learn how to either EAT or do laundry
    [​IMG] she's really going down hill fast.
  14. Why why WHY is she wearing those clothes!?!?!?! :rant:

    I don't want to see her belly and booty hanging out any more!

    ps: I hope she isnt drinking coffee (caffene=bad for babies) AND dying the hair was also supposed to be bad because the chemicals on the scalp go through the whole body.
  15. Personally, I think Britney could give a rats ass what people think of her. And you know what? I don't blame her one bit. She is who she is. She's not hurting anyone. And she's got plenty of money. So much in fact, that if she NEVER made another dime singing or acting, she could never spend it all.

    I don't think she's trash. I think she's a human being who wears what she wants and has an occasional spill on her clothes. Don't we all?

    For me, personally - it's easier just to wish her the best with her marriage and her children. I guess I'm too busy making sure my OWN house, marriage and child are in order that I don't really have time to knit-pick Britney's life to death.