Britney gave birth!

  1. Good for her...I hope all is well.
  2. First, I heard she had a girl - then I hear it's a boy! Either way, good for her! I hope they're doing well.
  3. Hope all is well.
  4. Good for her :smile: That's great!
  5. I wish the little baby all the health and happiness in the world : )
  6. I haven't read the story, just heard it on the radio. . . apparently she was thinking that it would be a girl and it wasn't. She hand't even thought of boys' names apparently{?}
  7. Oh I hope it's a boy so it won't be Jailin! :lol:

  8. :roflmfao: So true! She is "country" so she will probably just use the same name for the boy!
  9. Lol! :P
  10. ahhh, hope the baby is healthy and well :smile:

    Gosh, you do wonder what name she will use though ;)
  11. Congrats to the Spears-Federlines. Wish them all the joy & happiness.
  12. 0o0o another boy?! good on her!!
  13. I was thinking the same. What a horrible name to give a child. Think of the teasing they'd get from the other kids.
  14. Hope everyone is doing well, can't wait to hear what the name is, at least it won't be Jailyn or Jailin or whatever.