Britney Dyes Her Hair Jet Black, What Do Ya Think ? +Pics Of Her New Bf

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  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. It looks ok on her. I think she would look great with brown hair.
  3. i dont like her anymore:yucky: :Push:
  4. I like it, but she should do a more chocolate brown color imo.
  5. I agree...its a bit too dark. Im not a big fan. ( of the hair or HER!!)
  6. That poor girl is sooo confused... :sad:
  7. MUCH prettier than blonde.
  8. Her hair is going to fall out soon......
  9. I think her hair is going to break off in clumps. This is her 3rd recent change-hair can only take so much!!!
  10. Ugh too dark but frankly all I can think is that skirt is really short and I hope she is wearing undies! :wtf:
  11. Is she pining for Justin and trying to follow in Cameron's footsteps?
  12. yuk!!
  13. I like it.
  14. Where is her stylist!
  15. i think it looks alright just alright.