Britney confirms it: she's pregnant again!

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  1. It's official.....she'll have 2 under 2.
  2. Where did you find this out?
  3. ^Brit Brit confirmed confirmed it on Letterman. The episode airs tonight.
  4. has it as breaking news.
  5. Noooooo! Not another mini-KFed!
  6. I hope it all works out for Britney! :heart:
  7. Yep! She made a special appearance on Letterman. Man she and K-Fed just keep going at it... anyone think she will go for 3 right after?
  8. Whoa that's fast! I wonder if she's having a boy or a girl. Their baby Sean is so adorable. I love his round cheeks :biggrin:
  9. There is obviously no birth control at work here.:shocked: And we now know more than ever that Kfed is QUITE fetile. I wouldn't be surprised at all if #3 came right after.
  10. Is Sean even 1 year old yet? That's very quick :blink:

    I gotta agree, even though I'm not a fan of K-Fed or the "new" Britney, their boy is super cute :love:
  11. just what we need...another 'federspawn!'

    and this comes just when i thought that we were getting the old Brit back! boo!
  12. vH1 actually said she was a week or so ago.

    Then people magazine confirmed it a week or so ago too. They also said Britney was thinking about ending the marriage before she was pregnant for the second time. Looks like theyre not such a happy couple after all.
  13. I think sean is only 8 months old. I wonder how far along she is?!? People have been talking for months now that she is pregnant so she might already be about 4 months along, she must know she's gonna be showing soon that's why she went public with it instead of hiding it.
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