Britney Collapses During New Years Eve Bash !

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    Moments after crowds cheered in the the New Year, paparazzi princess Britney Spears collapsed at the PURE nightclub last night!

    An hour earlier, Brit had hosted two countdowns to usher in the New Year - one inside the VIP section at the hip hot nightspot and a second up on the club's upper outdoor terrace overlooking the famed Vegas Strip where fireworks were shot off from seven casino-hotel rooftops.

    Britney's collapse early this morning is now shrouded with mystery. Here is what we have learned: She had been seated on a VIP tented-cabana bed overlooking the dance floor at 12:50 AM talking with one of her male dancers. She signaled to her crew she wanted to leave and as she stood up, "she went into a dead faint and just fell right to the floor."

    Brit's heavy entourage pulled her up and laid her on the bed at the same time as her personal security asked for the club to provide at least 10 other security managers to "get her out as quickly as possible." They surrounded Britney in an attempt to screen her from all observers and the new years revelers on the crowded dance floor. Photo-taking was not going to happen.

    Eventually, Brit's 12-man-strong security force was in place, as two of her dancers wrapped her in a blanket-hooded poncho. Literally carrying her in both arms, they managed to zig-zag her through the crowds and out of the club.

    In the wee hours of the morning, an ambulance was called to the hotel but it was unclear if it was brought to Caesars for Britney or some other drunken patron
  2. Eeek. Too much alcohol? Too many drugs? I wonder which one :p

    But I must admit that she looks great in that picture! Talk about a possible comeback :supacool:
  3. She needs to calm down some in 2007.

    The other thing (sorry if this sounds cold when the story is about her fainting) that occurs to me is, who can continuously afford that many security/ bodyguard people? I don't care how rich you are, and she hasn't worked in awhile, that has to be a drain on your funds.
  4. i agree with you there she seriously needs to calm down.
  5. I've never been a big fan of her, but right now even I feel sorry for her, cause let's be honest, her career is over. She is not a very talented singer, and all she had was her image of a young, nice girl, who makes a big career- a great role model for teenagers. Now after getting married and separating from her very unpopular husband, after partying hard with Paris Hilton and leaving her small kids for most of time, she's not a role model for anybody.
  6. She's a train wreck. So sad for her kids.
  7. Well, I don't know if she was drunk or not but I do know this - Pure is one of the most ridiculously over-crowded clubs I've ever been to. You can BARELY move anywhere you go when you're there. Even the roof-top is crazy! I wanted to SCREAM.

    Maybe it wasn't the drinks.
  8. maybe this will be a wake-up call for her.
  9. From what i can gather she wasn't drinking that much while @ the venue. but she may of been drinking before she arrived !

    Your right about the crowds, apparently it was unbelievably packed.
  10. Whoa, lets hope she is okay..
  11. Yup! :yes:
  12. purely speculation on my part but i wonder if she may not be eating so she can wear the skimpy clothing she seems to be enamored with. not eating can so cause such an episode.

    i am not much of a celebrity watcher but she has put it all out there so that if you are cognizant of the world at all you have seen the unflattering photos.

    to bad someone close to her doesn't give her some advice on a more flattering wardrobe and lifestyle. :confused1:
  13. It's a possibility. I nearly fainted one spring day, because I skipped lunch and hadn't had dinner and I was outside digging in the heat. If you skip meals and exert yourself, your blood sugar drops rapidly which could lead to fainting.
  14. tickets to the venue were $300 a pop so im sure it wasnt as packed packed as it normally is with normal cover. not an everyday person is willing to pay $300 a ticket just TO GET inside a club. NYE or no NYE.

    Im also sure she dosent travel everywhere with 12 security people. This was different, she would have been mixed with the normal public amongst god knows who, so im sure the owners provided her the extra security. I think its normal when a celeb hosts a big party.
  15. i dont like her too.. but i hope she's ok :s