Britney Checks In !!!

  1. BRITNEY WELCOMES 2ND BABY?[​IMG] © WireImageBritney Spears reportedly checked into hospital to deliver her second child by a secret Caesarean section yesterday (09.07.06).

    The "Baby One More Time" singer and husband Kevin Federline have allegedly scheduled an appointment at the UCLA Santa Monica Medical Center, in California, exactly one week before son Sean Preston's first birthday, according to website Dlisted.

    Kevin recently told reporters that Britney was due to give birth in October. It is common among the rich and famous to give birth by elective C-section approximately four weeks before the baby is due.

    The procedure is carried out for cosmetic reasons, as the stomach skin most commonly stretches the most in the last month, so having the baby delivered early limits the possibility of unsightly stretch marks.

    The couple have already chosen a name for their baby which is believed to be a girl. Britney is combining her mother and father's names, Jamie and Lynne to create Jailynn.

    It was reported last month the pop superstar had ordered nursery accessories off the internet, including a cot, which were pink and suitable for a girl.
  2. Gawd...her breasts are HUGEEEE
  3. i know...but at least they look natural and not fake.
  4. ^^ No kiddin. Hopefully this one won't turn out to be a JAILbird LOL!
  5. Her boobs are nasty in that photo. The dress would have been perfect...after delivery. Sorry, Brit. Hopefully you will have a good comeback and dump the freeloader.
  6. "The procedure is carried out for cosmetic reasons"

    Aarrrrrgh! Can these people not think about themselves for one minute?? For cry-eye, you could be jeopardizing the baby's health for your vanity! Sorry this just makes my blood boil. :hysteric:
  7. That poor, poor little girl.... Jailynn???

    That's just f**cking ridiculous.
  8. EXACTLY my thoughts!!!! I am angry just reading that...
  9. She needs her head examined
  10. I agree. Stretch marks are part of giving birth! Plus the name does not look right with Jail in it.
  11. gosh I hope she has a change of heart on the name when she actually gives birth. I hope this is just media rubbish stating this as the reason why she is having an early c section. Imagine anybody being that awful that they would risk the health of their child for some skin on their tummy. I hope it is not true :sad:
  12. I went overdue for my son and I had not ONE stretchmark. I didn't get any afterwards either. I guess I concider myself lucky, but not all women get them from being pregnant. She's just being stupid and vain.
  13. My daughter was born 3 weeks early and during labor I was so concerned. They even had a Pediatric Specialist on hand in case she had problems (she was fine thank goodness) but electively choosing to deliver the baby 4 weeks in advance is absolutely crazy! The lungs are the last thing to finish developing and it could be too early. She's not a very good mom at all. (no kidding)
  14. will wait for the news...all the best to her!
  15. I'm sorry, but what kind of doctor would let a mother deliver her baby 3-4 weeks early on purpose? Is there any good reason for this?