**Britney carrying a real Hermes?!?**

  1. take a look at this picture, doesn't look real to me, but i could be wrong.
  2. Hmm, I'd wonder about that one. She's one of the last people who needs to be carrying Hermes, judging by the fake Chanel she's been seen with lately.
  3. Paris Hilton has been caught carrying fakes too. I wouldn't be surprised if Britneys was fake.
  4. i think carrying a fake Hermes is pretty blatant! but good for her if it's real!
  5. What fakey Chanel has she been carrying? lol. I'd love to know!
  6. Yeah, it suprised me too! It looks good, but maybe fake...
  7. She might have well been watching SATC when she spotted "Carrie's bag" and decided she wanted one.

    In a ny event, she is clueless about fashion so I am not bothered.
  8. It wasn't really a fake. It was a replica from a chain store like Guess or whatever.
  9. Ah, ok.
  10. I'm LMAO at Britney's DVF "inspired" dress and her hot pink underwear:roflmfao: while carrying her Hermes (if it's real).

  11. Sheesh!!!!
  12. I wonder if that's the same pair of pink panties she wore when she decided it was necessary to go swimming in the ocean in front of dozens of papparazzi?
  13. She is so disgusting nowadays...the only reason her career will ever come back is from overexposure.