Britney carries no-names and knock-offs

  1. I wasn't sure where this should go - I notice that with all of her millions Britney carries no-name handbags and knock-offs.

    Check out this horrible Chanel knock-off with the interlocking OO's. WHY?
    Britney Spears_Winstons_06-1.jpg Britney Spears_Winstons_06.jpg
  2. :yucky::yucky:

    This poor girl is beyond understanding....
  3. WOW!!! Hmm no answer but I wonder where she buys this crap from...

    Just goes to show you that money truly doesn't buy class
  4. Beats me :shrugs:
  5. Wow. I would blame her stylist (if she has one). Often they get stuff from their entourage and have no idea that they are fakes.

    If I was given a fake bag for free from a brand I knew nothing about like Balenciaga....then i would probably carry it proudly too.....until someone told me then I'd be horrified.:sweatdrop:

    Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that most celebrities don't have the free time to learn all the ins and outs of designer brands like we do on the forum.

    Some of them i truly beleive are unaware that they are carrying fakes.

    I'm giving Brit the benefit of the doubt......but I could be wrong:roflmfao:
  6. ^i agree
    with all the things going on in her life, i dont think she knows she ipaid attention that she is carrying a knockoff
  7. Wow, very well said indeed! :tup:
  8. She doesn't have a stylist anymore. She's fired everybody. I'm sorry but with all of the shopping she does she should know what she's buying, and I'd bet money she knew she was buying a "replica".
  9. You can't buy class...
  10. OMG!! Can't believe she did that.
  11. I'm surprised but then again I guess I'm not.
  12. Ick I hate those interlocking oos.
  13. Ummm, she has to know its a knockoff, O's definately dont' look like C's :smile: Considering ....whats become of her lately, its not that big of a suprise. Hopefully she can pull it together and not be such a trainwreck, and seriously...hire a stylist!
  14. I think she is saving all her money for all those fancy rehab stays, present and future!
  15. ITA. She knows EXACTLY what Chanel is and she even buys from the boutiques. Last week according to US or People (i can't remember) she bought 3-4 Chanel bags totaling well over $10,000. So why does she STILL carry fakes? ...Probably because she just doesn't give an F.